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New Menu!


Pork Wings  –  $8

Mild, Hot Teriyaki or BBQ

Chicken Wings  –  $8

Mild, Hot Teriyaki or BBQ

Fried Beer Battered Mac and Cheese Wedges  –  $6

Flat Bread Pizza

BBQ Chicken –  $9

BBQ sauce base with sliced grilled chicken, red onions and Mozzarella cheese

Hawaiian –  $9

Pineapple and ham and traditional red pizza sauce

The Monty –  $9

Canadian bacon and pickles and traditional red pizza sauce

Buffalo Chicken –  $10

Ranch base, with sliced chicken, blue cheese crumbles drizzled with hot sauce.

Caprese –  $8

Basil pesto base, with tomato and Mozzarella cheese and traditional red pizza sauce

Create Your Own –  $7 plus $1 per topping

Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, ham salami, traditional sauce, basil pesto sauce, pineapple, banana peppers, mushrooms, onion, pickles, black or green olives


Spicy Italian  –  $8

Ham, salami and provolone with mayo and banana peppers on grilled ciabatta bread

Cuban  –  $8

Ham, pulled pork, Swiss cheese, pickle and mustard on ciabatta bread

Tuna Melt  –  $8

Tuna salad, provolone cheese and mayo on ciabatta bread

Caprese  –  $7

Basil pesto, Mozzarella cheese and sliced tomato on ciabatta bread


Served with chips and a pickle

Hame and Cheese  –  $8

Ham, your choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo

Turkey and Cheese  –  $8

Choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion

Italian  –  $8

Ham, salami and cheese on a hoagie, lettuce, tomato, onion and oil & vinegar